Thursday, 24 March 2011

Body & Society - March Issue - Out Now

The new issue of Body & Society (17.1, March 2011) is now available, featuring articles by Lesley A. Sharp on bioaesthetics and the invisibility of the female form in visual renderings of heart devices, Annette Schlicter on the performative acts of voice, Stephanie Merchant on underwater videography and the unrepresentable, Pablo Santoro on biopolitics and the umbilical cord, Chikako & Brendan Ozawa de Silva on Tibetan medicine and Buddhism, and Kate O'Riordan's book review of Laura Mamo's Queering Reproduction

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Interview with Stephen J. Collier on Foucault, Assemblages and Topology

Photo: Stephen J. Collier
Simon Dawes interviews Stephen J. Collier on the turn to topology in Foucault’s later lectures, the relation between topologies and assemblages, and the use of concepts such as governmentality and neoliberalism.

TCS and B & S are published by SAGE.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mona Abaza on Egypt, Public Space and Media

Photo by Mona Abaza
 In the fourth of our responses to events across North Africa and the Middle East, Mona Abaza comments on the uprising in Egypt. After describing her own personal experience in Cairo, she reflects on the significance of the use of public space, the multilingual soundbites used as slogans amongst the protesters, the importance of al-Jazeera and new media, and the hypocrisy of the West’s views on global democracy.

TCS and B & S are published by SAGE.