Friday, 11 March 2011

Armando Salvatore on Egypt, Facebook and the Public Sphere

Photo: Armando Salvatore
In the third of our commissioned commentaries on recent events across North Africa and the Middle East, Armando Salvatore reflects on the significance of the use of social media in these popular uprisings, and on the consequences for public sphere theory.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ayelet Zohar and Ibrahim Nubani: Interview and Images

Ibrahim Nubani, Untitled (2009),
Pastel on Paper, 100X140 cm
Simon Dawes interviews Ayelet Zohar on her article in the current issue of TCS (28.1, Jan 2011): ‘The Paintings of Ibrahim Nubani: Camouflage, Schizophrenia and Ambivalence - Eight Fragments’.

In discussing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, schizophrenia and assimilation in the life and works of Ibrahim Nubani, Zohar includes Nubani’s own responses, taken from a recent conversation. This interview within an interview also features images of artworks by both Nubani and Zohar.

TCS and B & S are published by SAGE.