Friday, 11 February 2011

Free Access to Ash Amin's 'The Remainder of Race'

Photo: Ash Amin
To coincide with the publication of the Special Section of Responses to Ash Amin's article 'The Remainders of Race', we're making his article freely available to everyone until 1st March.

To access the article, go here

Prompted by the speed with which, in certain historical moments, the hardwon achievements of anti-racism can be comprehensively undone, this article reflects on the mechanisms that keep racial coding and judgement close to the surface, ready to spring into action. It reads the intensity of race in a given present in terms of the play between vernacular legacies of racecoded reception of visible difference and the conjunctural mobilizations of race by biopolitical regimes – state-regulated systems of governing populations – to maintain collective order. The article explains the contemporary trend in the West towards the ‘racialization of everything’ as the product of mutually reinforcing mischief between vernacular and biopolitical racism. It closes with a discussion of the implications of such conjunctural tightness, one which questions the effectiveness of humanist arguments that have come to the fore in recent years focusing on practices of recognition and reconciliation.

Key words
anti-racism ■ biopolitics ■ phenotype ■ race ■ racial legacies

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Interview with Ash Amin on the Responses to his Article on Racism

Photo: Ash Amin
Ash Amin responds to the responses to his article, 'The Remainders of Race', which was published last year in TCS.

In this interview with Simon Dawes, Amin discusses the claims made by Ali Rattansi, Abdoumaliq Simone and Denise da Silva in the current issue of TCS, addressing in particular his epistemological pessimism, the idea of living in difference, and the common ground for freedom.

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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Interview with Mike Hulme on Climate Change and Consumption

Photo: Mike Hulme
Souvik Mukherjee and Josi Paz interview Mike Hulme on climate change and consumption.

Read more to find out his views on the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), on advocating a polycentric 'messy' approach to climate change, and on the role of the climate change 'expert'.

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Domestic Economy of the Soul by John O'Neill - Out Now!

John O'Neill's new book, The Domestic Economy of the Soul: Freud's Five Case Studies, is now available as part of the TCS Book Series (Sage).

A mixture of psychoanalytical insight and social theory, this is the first major study of Freud's most famous case studies (Little Hans, Dora, the Rat Man, the Wolf Man and Schreber) 

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Inhuman Nature by Nigel Clark - Out Now!

Nigel Clark's new book, Inhuman Nature: Sociable Life on a Dynamic Planet, is now available as part of the TCS Book Series (Sage).

Inhuman Nature explores the relationship between human activity and planetary processes, and between human life, social thought and the physical earth.

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