Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Interview with David Macey on Fanon, Foucault and Race

Photo: David Macey
Simon Dawes interviews David Macey about his contribution to the Special Section on Frantz Fanon in the current issue of the TCS Annual Review, and about his 2009 article in the TCS Special Issue on Michel Foucault.

Read more to find out why (and for whom) Fanon is a source of embarrassment, the link for Foucault between race and the legitimacy of power, and why we should all be reaching for our copies of Fanon and Aimé Césaire.

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TCS Annual Review 2010 - Out Now!

The TCS Annual Review 2010 (27.7/8), edited by Vikki Bell, is now available. Go here to read the special sections on 'Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth Fifty Years On' and 'Photography and the State', as well as the articles in our recurring section 'Global Public Life'.

'Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth Fifty Years On' is edited and introduced by Vikki Bell, and contains articles by Paul Gilroy, David Macey, Mohammed A Bamyeh, Azzedine Haddour, Francoise Vergès, Ghassan Hage and Abdoumaliq Simone.

'Photography and the State' is edited by Jennifer Bajorek and Vikki Bell, introduced by Bajorek, and contains articles by Jens Andermann, Andrea Noble, Bronwyn Law-Viljoen and Ariella Azoulay.

And this year's 'Global Public Life' section has articles by Jennifer Bajorek & Erin Haney on the African Photography Biennial, Stewart Motha's commentary on Antjie Krog's 'Begging to be Black', Susanne Neubauer on Warren Neidich's photography, and concludes with a conversation between Lynne Huffer and Elizabeth Wilson on Foucault and Queer Theory.

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Monday, 3 January 2011

John W.P. Phillips on Fractals

Photo: John WP Phillips
As a supplement to Couze Venn’s commentary on Benoit Mandelbrot, John Phillips writes about fractals and the border between mathematics and the humanities, focusing on the work of Mandelbrot, MacFarlane Burnet and Jacques Derrida, and arguing for a view of distinct disciplines that focuses more on general principles.

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Couze Venn on Benoit Mandelbrot, fractals and the realignment of the human sciences

Photo: Couze Venn

Following the death of Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry, on 14th Oct 2010, Couze Venn comments on the mathematician’s influence, on fractals and knowledge, and on the methodological and epistemological traffic between mathematics, the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.

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