Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tomoko Tamari interviews Jennifer Robertson on Robo-Sexism in Japan

Tomoko Tamari (Managing Editor of Body & Society) talks to Jennifer Robertson about the posthuman, eugenics and robotics, and about gender and national identity in Japan.

Image: Jennifer Robertson (left) 

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Body & Society - Special Issue on Bodily Integrity - Out Now!

The September issue of Body & Society (volume 16, issue 3) is out now.

In this Special Issue on Bodily Integrity, edited and introduced by the journal's editor, Lisa Blackman, you can read Margrit Shildrick's commentary on the issue, and articles by Aryn Martin (on micro-chimerism), Vivian Sobchack (on phantom limbs), Jenny Slatman & Guy Widdershoven (on hand transplants), Boaz Neumann (on prosthetics in WWI and Weimar Germany) and Rhonda Shaw (on organ donation in New Zealand).

Go here for the full table of contents and access to the articles.

TCS and B & S are published by SAGE.