Sunday, 14 March 2010

TCS Special issue extra: Interview on Foucault

In the first of our online supplements to TCS special issues, Mike Featherstone interviewed Couze Venn, guest editor of the Foucault issue. Read the excerpt here:

Mike Featherstone [MF]: Why an issue on Foucault now?  What were your aims in pulling together this issue? 

Couze Venn [CV]: The 25th anniversary of Foucault’s untimely death was the occasion for producing this issue.  But the main reason relates to the relevance of his 1975-1984 lectures at the College de France, now appearing in translation, that anticipated many of the changes that have happened since his death, particularly in relation to the ascendency of neoliberalism and the emergence of new mechanisms of power that are more extensive, insidious and pervasive than those which operated before.  They provide new insights not only on the relation of political economy to biopolitics and power, but a new agenda around self-transformation as part of the counter-practice informing resistance.

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