Thursday, 16 May 2013

Free Access to articles by Mike Featherstone and Lisa Blackman

For a limited period only, we're making a selection of key articles from the editors of Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society freely available.


Read more to access for free articles by Mike Featherstone (Editor-in-Chief of TCS and B&S) on consumer culture, the body and affect, and by Lisa Blackman (Editor of B&S) on affect and embodiment.

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Free Access to TCS Articles by Ulrich Beck

To supplement our recent publication of Ulrich Beck's new article on world risk society (co-written with Daniel Levy, TCS 30.2), we're making freely available for a limited time only a selection of key TCS articles written and co-written by Beck since 1992.

Read more for your free access.

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TCS 30.3 - Out Now!

TCS and B & S are published by SAGE.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Interview with Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim – family structures and family life in second modernity

In this interview with Tine Ravn and Mads P. Sørensen, Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim discusses family structures, reproductive
technologies and individualization
in second modernity.


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Monday, 22 April 2013

Interview with James Ash on Videogames and Affect

Image: James Ash
To supplement articles by James Ash in recent issues of both Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society, Souvik Mukherjee interviewed him on videogames, attention and affect.

Both articles are free to access until the end of May



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Thursday, 18 April 2013

TCS 30.2 - Out Now!

Theory, Culture & Society 30.2 (March 2013) is now available, featuring articles by Ulrich Beck & Daniel Levy on cosmopolitanised nations and world risk society, William Davies on markets and European State Aid rules, Angela Last on Bakhtin and climate change, Casper Bruun Jensen and Anders Blok on techno-animism in Japan, Roland Boer on revolution and Kairos, and Ute Tellmann on Malthus and the genealogy of liberal economy.

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Body & Society 19.1 - Out Now!

Body & Society 19.1 (March 2013) is now available, featuring articles from Kristen Hardy on body far replicas, James Ash on videogames and affect, Geraldine Bloustein & Denise Wood on aesthetics in Second Life, and Amy Russell on embodiment and abjection in human trafficking.

The issue also features Richard Iveson's review article of Jussi Parikka's Insect Media and neomaterialist philosophy, and Paolo Palladino's review of recent books by Nancy and Agamben.


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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Interview with Thomas Kemple and Austin Harrington on Simmel

Courtesy of Cornelia Hahn Oberlander
(Vancouver, Canada)
Sunday 1914, Open House
at the residence of Professor Ignaz Jastrow,
24 Nussbaumallee, in Berlin’s West End
To supplement the double-length special section on ‘Georg Simmel’s Sociological Metaphysics:Money, Sociality and Precarious Life’ (TCS 29.7-8, Dec 2012), Simon Dawes interviews the editors on the main themes of the section, and on the importance of Simmel to sociology today.

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